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Norway: Tea Under the Midnight Sun

July 22, 2017

Norway: Tea Under the Midnight Sun

This summer, we embarked on a road trip that took us through the heart of Norway, starting at the southwestern city of Bergen and ending at the Lofoten Islands to the far north. With a population of only about 5 million, Norway doesn’t exactly have a deeply rooted tea culture. The capital city of Oslo does have a few tea shops, but options are nonexistent elsewhere. With this in mind, we packed a healthy supply of our Assam black teas to fuel the long drives through the stunning fjords and alpine roads. No words can capture the beauty of the Norwegian landscape, so let’s try with some pictures!

More than a week later, we reached the archipelago of Lofoten, which sits within the Arctic Circle. Here, for a couple of months every summer, the sun never sets. Even in late July, when it does set, the sky never quite gets dark since the sun just briefly dips below the horizon before rising again an hour or so later. We experienced the midnight sun with a pairing of genmaicha green tea. Its low caffeine content made it suitable to drink at the late hour, and its toasty notes were perfect as the temperature dipped into the 40s.

The 10 day road trip was as epic as they come. Our trip was marked with one cinematic landscape after another. Pairing it with the right set of teas made an unforgettable experience even more so.