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About Pekoe Tea Company

Pekoe Tea Company is a family owned tea merchant based out of San Francisco. We’ve been in the tea business for four generations, starting with a small tea garden in the Taoyuan district of Taiwan that’s still tended by hand to this day. Today, we source tea from all over the world. Our mission extends beyond discovering and delivering the finest varieties to your doorstep. We also illustrate the rich stories of the land and growers behind every tea. To that end, we travel the world not only in search of tea, but also to meet others who share our passion for it.

What Matters to Us

Exceptional Tea: We specialize in premium, single origin teas. Most of our selection is organically cultivated and we're continuously working to expand this. Please note that some of our conventional growers do use practices on par with the most stringent standards, but do not have the resources to undergo the costly process of international organic certification.

Social Impact: We proactively promote growers that also serve as stewards of their communities. In addition to fostering fair employment, they fund initiatives such as local education, female empowerment, secondary job training, and elderly care.

Green Planet: Like fine wine, the best teas require stable climates and clean air. We do our very small part to keep the planet green by using recyclable packaging for all our products.


Giving Back

Many of our teas come from small growers who craft incredible product despite constraints in resources and infrastructure. In recognition of the challenges they face, we direct a portion of our profits to Kiva, a non-profit organization that finances the growth of small scale entrepreneurs in developing regions around the world. Find out more about this incredible organization here.