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You've got questions on our teas? We have answers. If you don't find answers to your questions here, use our contact form or drop us a line at sales@pekoeteacompany.com and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours or less.

1. Sourcing

How are your teas different from those offered by other tea companies?

Just like not all cabernets are the same, not all Sencha teas are the same. Our mission is to offer the best expression of each varietal, alongside a collection of rare teas with truly unique flavors.

Where are your teas from?

Our collection is sourced from tea gardens located throughout Asia, with a focus on Japanese teas. From time to time, we also feature teas from Africa, where quality producers are steadily emerging.

Are your teas organic?

At the moment, more than half of our collection is organically cultivated. Each tea's product page will detail the method of growth. While we are always working to expand this selection, many of our teas come from small growers who use the finest ingredients and best growing practices, but cannot afford the costly process of international organic certification.

2. Shipping

How much does shipping cost?                    

Standard shipping is $3 flat for all domestic orders, and on us for orders over $35.

How long does shipping take?        

We'll do our best to pack your order within 24 hours. After that, it'll take between 1 to 3 business days to reach you depending on destination.

Where are you shipping from?        

San Francisco is home for us! (And temporarily for your tea before it gets to you).

What service do you use to ship?

We use a combination of USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Next-Day Air is also offered as an option.

Can I track my order?                        

Definitely. We will provide you with a USPS tracking number as soon as your tea is packed and ready to ship.

How are your teas packaged?

All teas are packaged in high quality, environmentally friendly, resealable pouches. We utilize thermal sealing to ensure the packaging is air-tight until you open it.

You shipped me the wrong tea. What do I do?

Drop us a line here and we'll make things right.

I don't like my tea. Can I return it?   

Although we do not accept returns, it's important to us that you find a tea you're happy with. We try to be as descriptive as we can in the tasting notes, but feel free to reach us to us if you need more guidance or recommendations. If you don't like your tea, we'll work with you to find another tea to try.

3. Preparing

How many cups does each 2oz package make?

Depending on how strong you like your brew, each 2oz package can make between 15 to 20 cups of tea. This can be doubled, or even tripled, if you use each set of leaves for multiple infusions. Most of our green teas, for example, can be steeped for up to three times.

How much tea should I use per cup?             

This is really up to your personal preference. The baseline serving is 1 teaspoon (or 3g to be precise) for every 6oz of water. If your tea leaves are small and tightly packed, you should use a little less. Looser, more voluminous teas will require a little more. Start there and adjust to taste.

What water temperature should I use?  How long should I steep the tea for?

This depends on the type of tea you're preparing. Darker teas usually require hotter water and longer steeping times. Each product page will have suggestions for best preparation. You can also use our handy guide here to determine the range of suitable temperatures and times. Different combinations of time and temperature will induce the same teas to yield substantially different flavors. Tweak until you find your sweet spot.

I like big flavors! Should I steep my tea for a long time?

No! Steeping a tea far beyond the recommended time can introduce pronounced bitterness that overwhelms all other notes. If you like bigger flavors, use more leaves, but maintain the steep time.

How much caffeine is in my tea? I want to make a cup but I don't want to be up all night.

First, it's worth noting that even a higher caffeine black tea has about half the caffeine level as an average cup of coffee.  That said, darker teas generally carry more caffeine and are more suited for early day drinking. If you would like a cup of Assam but want to reduce the caffeine content, steep your tea in boiling water for about 30 seconds first, discard the water, and re-start the steeping process with a new cup of water. Why? Caffeine is one of the first substances extracted from tea leaves when they enter hot water. This allows you to remove most of the caffeine from your tea without sacrificing its flavor.

How many times can I re-steep each serving of tea?

Most teas can be re-steeped 2 or 3 times, with full bodied black and oolong teas capable of even more. Besides squeezing more value from your tea, another benefit of re-steeping is that the character of the tea evolves with each successive infusion. Later infusions are usually more mellow. Increase the steeping time by about a minute with each subsequent cup.

How do I get water to the right temperature?

If you don't have a variable temperature kettle, there's a quick and easy way to bring boiling water down to about the right temperature. Transferring hot water from one vessel to another at room temperature will bring the water temperature down by about 10 degrees. Say you're making oolong tea and would like to steep with 190 degree water. Transfer the boiling water (212 degrees) from a kettle to a room temperature mug. This will bring the water temperature down by about 10 degrees to 200. Transfer again to another room temperature mug and you'll arrive at about 190 degrees!