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Midnight Pearl Oolong


  • The Pearl Oolong is an extraordinary tea. A rarity from the Taitung region in southeastern Taiwan, the tea is carefully plucked and rolled by hand. The combination of an ideal microclimate and extra long oxidation period imparts notes of dried apricot to an absolutely plush body. The distinct character of this tea will leave a lasting impression, even on later infusions. We keep coming back to this one...staff favorite!

  • Origin: Taiwan
    District: Taitung
    Caffeine Level: Moderate
    Growth: Conventionally cultivated

  • Portion: 1 heaped teaspoon per 6 oz water
    Water Temperature: 175-195 F
    Steep Time: 2-3 min
    Number of Infusions: Multiple

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Category: featured, oolong, rare

Vendor: Taiwan

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